L’il Ramblin Rockers

Purpose of music program

  • To introduce students to all musical instrument families in hands-on setting, (brass, woodwinds, strings and percussion). This will be done with the actual instruments with demonstrations, song and coloring books. Eventually your child will be able to choose an instrument when the time comes for one-on-one lessons.
  • To teach the fundamentals of music including timing, the musical staff and basic melody.
  • To teach simple songs from cultures around the world and introduce students to other languages.
  • To teach rhythm and musical cooperation through movement.

Time and costs

Monday Wednesday Friday Saturday
$21 per session

Sibling in same class 1/2 price $10.50

The program is designed so that children may join at any time. We teach through spaced repetition so that if a child doesn’t get it the first time, he/she will hear the information again.