Music for all Ages

The Longleaf Town Gazette

Music for all Ages “Ramblin Rhodes Music”

Originally published March 2013 in “The Longleaf Town Gazette”.

Ramblin Rhodes Music located on Starkey Blvd. just off route 54, across the street from downtown Longleaf, is a family owned music and performing arts school. The owners, Joe and Laurene Rhodes, have an extensive professional music background, are veteran music performers in the music field, and have lot of experience in the world of performing and recording.

Their school strives to help aspiring musicians of all ages master instruments of their choice, and the art of performing live. A variety of major activities offered include: one on one Private Lessons, Summer Camps, and Musical Theater Camps taught by experienced instructors.

The instructors are veteran performers in the music field and know how to make music fun to learn and affordable which has been proven to be a key to student success. Their private studios with one-on-one lessons provide encouragement and technical expertise to each student. Students are moved forward at their own pace via their own individual lesson plan. In addition, on the third Friday of each month Ramblin Rhodes has a concert featuring students of all abilities to demonstrate their progress for family and friends on their in-house stage with dimmed lights.

Music lessons are offered in musical instruments including: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, drums, voice, violin, key-boards, bass guitar, mandolin, ukulele, saxophone, trumpet, oboe, clarinet, cello, viola and many others. Ramblin Rhodes sells new, used, and consignment instruments. For example, they carry a complete line of Dean and Luna Guitars with beautiful abalone inlays in acoustic electric guitars. Also, the new flying V’s, Z’s and camouflage electric guitars have state of the art graphics like the incredible Razorback Explosion and drum line with the new Dean electronic drum set. Repair and set-up services are also available for stringed instrument as well as technical work on woodwind and brass instruments.

Ramblin Rhodes provides a wide offering of musical offerings to any person interested in music whether it be a first learner or someone wanting a refresher course. A must music and performing arts school for any parents child to attend and learn music. A music school for all ages.

Camps are available offering learning how to play together in a band as well as ones designed to offer a full spectrum of the theater — preparing for theatrical and musical Broadway productions. Camp Ramblin Rock takes interested students and trains them in a recording studio atmosphere. In five days they learn instrumental parts, vocal scores, stage presence and performance techniques. On Friday, the final day of camp, they play on stage for family and friends. Time: Monday through Friday, 9 am — 1 pm, Drum Camp 1 pm —4 pm.

Just call (727) 375-0123 or stop-in and speak to Joe or Laurene for more information or e-mail: