Joe Rhodes

Joe attended University School in Nashville, Tennessee where he learned vocals, trumpet, and guitar. He formed his first band at age ten and started teaching guitar when he was fifteen. He attended Rutgers University in New Jersey, studying English and Psychology and taking music theory courses. After getting married he worked in Nashville’s recording studios as a hired guitar gun, playing and recording music with Emmylou Harris and others. He toured the U.S. with rock, gospel, blues, and country bands. In Florida, Joe managed piano and organ stores for twenty years. He looks forward to the new challenge of making a successful music school, performance center, and retail store.

Laurene Rhodes

Laurene Rhodes

Laurene grew up with a love of the arts. She attended Germaine School of Photography in New York City and has done extensive photographic projects. She was smart enough to marry a music man, (Joe Rhodes), and quickly became immersed in the world of performing and recording, doing publicity photos for the various bands. Laurene is jazzed for the opportunity to provide a school where students can develop their talent and love for music.


Tatiana Dasilva

I have always had a passion for music. When I was born, my parents played Mozart CDs to put me to sleep, and to this day Mozart is my favorite composer! I started taking music lessons when I was nine years old and participated in a school band. The flute was my first instrument and I loved it! A year later my family and I moved into a house that came with an old piano. I remember one day sitting at the piano and playing “Mary Had a Little Lamb”. This was the first time I had ever touched a piano. It was then that my parents realized I could play by ear, and signed me up to take piano lessons. I have been taking lessons for many years, and have discovered a hidden talent of composing my own pieces. I absolutely love music and everything about it!


Sharon Braman

Sharon is a graduate from the Crane School of Music in upstate New York where she received her Bachelors Degree in Music Education. She has been playing clarinet since she was nine, and concentrated on the woodwinds while obtaining her degree. She has taught private lessons for many years, and is currently a music teacher for Pasco County Schools.


Mikki Behner

Mikki Taylor-Behner started singing at the young age of six, performing all around Florida. She started her classical training at age 10, where she gained versatility and expertise in vocal performance, along with a 4 octave range! Other talents include songwriting, dramatic acting, and even ventriloquism. Mikki is a worship leader in her church and performs solo and with her husband, Jim Behner. She has recently opened for Ayiesha Woods, Natalie Grant, and Adie and Jeremy Camp. She performed at the Chasco Fiesta in her home town of New Port Richey, FL. Mikki’s vocal coaching creates shining improvement in the stage performance of her students at Ramblin Rhodes Music.


Brianna VanWechel

Brianna VanWechel comes from a very musical family.  With her brother, sister, and parents playing various instruments, it was only natural that she, too, would flourish in the world of music.  Brianna started playing piano in the 3rd grade and later added cello and violin to her repertoire.  She currently plays in the New Port Richey Orchestra and the Elfers Seasonal Orchestra.  Brianna has placed in the top 3 in annual international competitions in both piano and cello.  With her winning smile and high musical competence, Brianna helps her students learn in a fun and friendly musical environment. Update: 2016 Brianna is finishing up her junior year in college in Denmark. She will be back.   * August 2016  Happy to announce…Brianna is back and teaching: cello, piano and violin.



Jorge Ramirez

Jorge Ramirez brings both musical expertise and an international flavor to our teaching staff. Living in Antofagasta, Chile, Jorge received degrees in Music Theory and Music Pedagogy from the Universidad del Norte. In addition to this, he also got a degree in Music Arranging from Berklee College of Music in Boston. He has taught music to children for many years, formed and conducted Latin bands in New England, participated in festivals and shows, and helped raised funds for victims of natural disasters. Children love his gentle personality and through his patient teaching they learn the language of music, something they can use all their lives.


Sarah Stott

Sarah has studied piano for many years, focusing particularly on classical and liturgical music.  Because of her love for the arts, she earned her BA degree in English at the age of 18.  Growing up as the eldest of eight siblings, Sarah has always had a passion for teaching children and relating to them in a fun and engaging way. She has designed and implemented a curriculum for our Ramblin Rocker preschool classes that immerse children in musical instruments and theory.  Sarah enjoys catering her classes to the needs of her students and making music enjoyable and understandable.


Robin Carbonell

Teacher by day, rock star by night. Robin Carbonell has been singing since the day she could speak. Her mother who was a country singer, was her inspiration to pursue music. It has a way of bringing people together, and that’s what she intends to do. Robin has experience in multiple singing styles, from opera to rock which she learned from being in singing classes for 16 years; as well as completing courses for college level music theory. It was only a matter of time before she started working with Adam Irizarry to create Malaya, a high energy pop/rock/alternative band from right here out of the bay area. Robin plans on making a career out of her music. She hopes to help others find their passion in music!


Adam Irizarry

Adam Irizarry was born right here in Tampa and started playing guitar when he was eight. Two years later he was playing in his first band, learning Van Halen licks and taking classical guitar lessons. Eventually he was invited to play at the National Association of Music Merchants show where you typically see some of the best musicians in the U.S. perform. He won the 102.5 “THe Bone” radio contest for Best Guitarist in the Bay area when he was only 17, beating out many older and more experienced muscians. Currently Adam tours with his band, Malaya, and teaches guitar, drums, songwriting and music theory. He is well-versed in rock, metal and classical guitar and brings his infectious enthusiasm to all his students.


Erin Laverty

Erin Laverty lives in Trinity, Florida. She is a talented jazz and folk singer, pianist, and guitarist. She studied singing and piano for many years and at the same time taught herself to play guitar. She has a Youtube website where you can find her music videos. Currently, Erin performs around the Trinity area and has opened for the Blues Masters concert for Chasco Festival. Working at Ramblin Rhodes Music since October 2013, Erin loves teaching children. Music is her passion and she hopes to pursue a long career in the music field, teaching and performing to help mentor and inspire students of all ages.

Stefani Licata

Stefani Licata

Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Stefani Licata was born the youngest of three to Jill and Charles Licata. As a curious child, Stefani explored many interest and hobbies including: acrylic/oil painting, music, astronomy, as well as biology. Although there was always an interest in learning a musical instrument, Stefani did not pick up a guitar until her freshman year of college when she decided to take beginning guitar lessons as a college elective. Once the initial lessons were complete, Stefani then taught herself classical and fingerstyle guitar. After graduating from USF with a degree in Natural Science, she furthered her education in the field of Diagnostic Ultrasonography. While continuing her ’day job’ in the medical field, Stefani also worked in the field of television productions for the local access television station. In 2006, she won two Suncoast Access television awards for her animal series titled, “Nature’s Miracles”, which focused on exotic animal adaptations. After many years of continuing to build on her fingerstyle guitar skills and technique, Stefani is a professional classical guitarist who plays for various types of special events. Her childhood interests were strong enough to make a major impact on her adult years both personally as well as professionally. Not only does she raise exotic frogs and still practices amateur astronomy, but Stefani is currently a physics and biology instructor for an ultrasound program at a local medical college. You can view some of her guitar solos at youtube.com/frogation


Walter McBride

Before moving to New Port Richey in 2014, Walter was an active, working trumpet player in the S Fla area – both while still in college as well as after he graduated. He earned his music degree (BFA) from FIU with an emphasis on performance/theory & composition.He has played in numerous show bands, R&B groups as well as jazz bands. In addition, to round out his experience, he has also played with several symphonic orchestras – both in S Fla and near his new home in New Port Richey.Walter is both an active player/performer as well as an enthusiastic teacher who brings a real world approach to his teaching. He recognizes that each student is different and therefore custom tailors his lessons to fit the individual student’s needs. Also, in an effort to accelerate his students’ learning, he also incorporates music theory into his lessons.Philosophy: “Habits are hard to break – both good and bad. Therefore, I develop good habits for my students to carry with them forever”

Aaron Stott

Aaron Stott

Aaron Stott started violin lessons when he was nine years old.  By September of 2013 he became the youngest member of the Suncoast Symphonic Orchestra where his excellent pitch and tonality earned him a spot.  In addition to violin Aaron plays guitar, piano, ukulele, mandolin, and drums, much of it self-taught.  His natural musical ability and easygoing personality allow his students to learn in a relaxed classroom atmosphere.

Aaron’s teaching features an interesting mixture of styles since he is well-versed in both classical and bluegrass.  His enthusiasm for music is obvious and this resonates with his students who are tackling violin for the first time.

Hannah Raymond

Born in Basel, Switzerland, Hannah Raymond has been singing since she was two years old and performing since she was nine.  She studied voice and piano for years while learning to perform on stage. Hannah made it through to the Executive Producer level in “America’s got Talent”. She enjoys acting and teaching, and Hannah’s students can’t wait to come to music lessons each week.

While music is important to her, Hannah’s long-term goals include a degree in Biology and pursuit of a medical career in pediatrics.


Callahan Andrews

biography coming